Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you need dance experience to join?

A. Not at all. Maypole is for all abilities. We’ll be starting with the patterns and will gradually add steps once we’ve mastered some basics. If there is a range of dance experience in the group, each colour on the maypole (of which there are four) will have different levels of step difficulty; red will eventually be the hardest level where I’ll add jumps/turns for the more experienced dancers, blue on the other hand will always have simple, low impact steps.

Q. How much will it cost?

A. Nothing or as much as you want! Since this is a bit of a first my plan is to run free sessions this year and have a collection box at each session. Hopefully contributions will cover the cost of the hall.
I’m really keen that people shouldn’t be discouraged to join.

Q. What do I wear?

A. Whatever you’re comfortable in. Layers are always good if you get a bit hot and I’d recommend wearing trainers/soft shoes or dancing shoes with a small heel. Shoes that don’t mark are a good idea.

Q. Is it outside?

A. Sessions will take place in a hall (over at Wooteys School see here for details), but weather permitting I might add some outside sessions!

Q. What ages is it for?

A. Ages 18+

Q. Is it just for women?

A. I’d imagine that most interest will come from women – however men are very welcome.

Q. Is it just for people who live in Alton?

A. Not at all. Anyone who wants to join the Alton sessions is welcome to join. The more the merrier.